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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Junkology in New Braunfels

-ology: the study of. I probably did not remember this from my days as a student, but teaching middle school sure has hammered in my mind the definition of this scientific suffix. I have been studying the science art of junkology for a few years now. My favorite part about this subject is that there are no tests or homework, and I love that the learning is based on experiences out in the field - often literally! 

No student in the study of junk should be without a trip to the incredible Junkology store in New Braunfels (this cute German town is famous for the original Schlitterbahn water park and is in between San Antonio and Austin). Shawn and Kat have created an amazing storefront in an adorable house just a few blocks away from the convention center. I am impressed with my memory, as I bought something from this dynamic duo at the Country Living Show last year, and I remembered them saying they were opening a store in New Braunfels. Thanks to Google, I found my way to this sweet space. 



I loved the bright artwork on the walls and enjoyed hearing the story of how Junkology got this collection from the estate sale of a psychiatrist. The doctor had an artist as a patient who paid him with gorgeous paintings! Unsure of ethical guidelines on that practice today, but regardless, I love the story behind the art as well as the art itself.

Shawn and Kat's collection is extensive. Old games, metal pieces, signs, architectural salvage, garden decor, instruments, itty bitty collectibles, brand antiques, furniture, functional yard art, clothing, accessories, books, bicycles, and even pieces of airplanes.

 Pictured above on the ends of the refinished glider (their speciality!) are parts of a jet. Who would have thought to turn them into accent pieces for the home? Junkologists, that's who.



Where to begin with what I love in this pic!


This place was sensory overload. My eyes took in so much candy that my mind experienced a visual sugar coma...I walked around in awe for a good chunk of the time I was there. This is the kind of place where I walk away feeling so very inadequate and uncreative, but talking to Kat was inspiring and gave me perspective. Her professional career has focused on design; she previously worked in merchandising for one of the most reputable and trendy clothing companies in America, so she brings much formal retail experience and expertise to her store. It shows. 

Sure, I started working for Limited, Inc. when I was 16, but chunking panties and folding t-shirts didn't give me much design experience. Teaching middle schoolers doesn't give me much of an opportunity to hone design skills either (though I do have to give some fashion advice, like "Hey, those pants you have on are actually leggings...and should be worn with a shirt that covers the top third of them." Ahem.) I realized I am still an amateur with zero professional training in the subject of Junkology. There is much to learn, and I am thankful to know so many awesome junkologists who bring natural talent and years of experiences to their creative vignettes. I also appreciate all my readers who encourage me along the way of this fun independent study. I think my schooling should include a buying trip to Europe next summer - it's cheaper than tuition! 

Thanks to Kat for a great tour of the store and for sharing the story of your journey with me. 

Have a chic week,

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  1. Wow - looks like I need to make a trip there! Did they have decent prices on their doors?


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