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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Looking for junk at the New Braunfels Antique Show

Last weekend I visited the New Braunfels Antique Show. I walked in to find a sea of tables covered in fine china, pottery, glass, and collectibles.

I quickly discovered that this show featured 'fine' antiques. The value of breakables on one table is worth more than all the chippy inventory in my garage. I am looking for bargains with single digit price tags, but the refinished furniture from a century or more ago (though beautiful) was a bit over my budget. 

I almost gave up exploring when I spotted this guy on the wall of one booth:

I adore him!

I got to talking with the owners of Cheeky Mare and learned that this couple leads buying trips to Europe throughout the year. Their all-inclusive tours of the hottest fleas and markets in England and France even include packing and shipping of all purchases back to the U.S.! Sounds great, I said, but aren't the goods even more pricey across the pond? They said that due to Europe's declining economy, amazing finds are beyond affordable. They sold me; I am definitely interested in taking one of their trips in the future! 

Loved these artists' palettes. 

I was also really impressed with these flattened spoons with jewel embellishments. Seems like it might be less frustrating to make these then stamping words. Perhaps there is a new project in my future...

I rounded the corner of the last aisle and spotted some junkin' friends - Betsy and Elaine of Sisters' Treasures. It was great to catch up with them and their space looked awesome: full of vintage garden junk, just what I love!  


This atlas could help me plan my buying trip to Europe!

Though I left empty-handed, I found great conversation and perhaps a future vacation. I would call that a good show! 

Have a chic week,

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  1. Looks like there was quite a mix at that show! Did you buy the guy you adored?


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