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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spring Fever at Barn Chic

It is barely the middle of winter, but I know that I am not alone in wishing this beautiful spring-like weather that Texas is experiencing sticks around for a long, until next fall. I'm certain that those of you who endured the deep freeze last week are ready to get past winter, and I saw that even my hometown in IL will be almost 60 one day next week (followed by 20 the next day), so a taste of spring may be coming your way soon too.  

I know Valentine's Day is a great opportunity for thematic decor, but I rid the booth of all red after the holidays and moved start on to light, fresh springtime colors (I need to do some spring cleaning on the blog look too!). My absolute favorite recent find is a shabby paper umbrella that has a pretty green, yellow, and blue pattern. I found this gem at the City Wide Garage Sale last weekend, along with the huge blue-green suitcase sitting below it.   


I love the vintage 'TV tray' that sits above the typewriter; the colors in the floral design are stunning. I doubt that the tray was actually intended for TV dinners, but I don't know what another use would have been?

Sold lots of ball jars yesterday, so restocked those today.  
The booth is full, but hopefully not overly stuffed. I have been selling lots and lots of smaller items, but I haven't sold furniture for months...hoping that trend changes so I can change up the look of the booth and have room for some new purchases! Less than two months to Warrenton and I am already looking forward to it! 

Have a chic week,


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  1. Hi SARAH ! Sales have really picked up this month, even on furniture . . .
    We'll try and send some Good Luck Your way !!
    Warrenton !?! . . . Bring it on !!

    1. Thanks for the luck, esp. on the furniture! Big sales for me mean shopping soon at your place! Keep it up and perhaps we can meet in Warrenton this year?!

  2. Your booth looks great, Sarah. I remember those TV trays, my mom had some and grandma. We'd eat our "supper" on them as we watched TV at my grandma (we called her Oma)... Good memories. I'm ready for Spring also ... just not the Summer heat.

    1. Betsy, I love your story of supper on TV trays. And I am definitely with you on spring and not summer yet!


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