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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It was a Good Friday at Zapp Hall

Good Friday was GREAT! I got to spend it with hundreds (thousands?) of fellow shoppers in Warrenton for the first 'official' day of Antique Week. I have been countless times, and three times in the last nine days, but never have I seen it as crowded as it was on Friday. The holiday brought out lots of junk hunters, but I didn't let the crowds deter my desire for loot!

I hit the Bar W fields the previous Sunday, so I ventured on to Zapp Hall to wander the wonders that its dealers provide. They did not disappoint! Zapp is my absolute favorite place for inspiration and eye candy, as well as the place for food, drink, live music, and people watching. I actually did none of the latter because I was too busy taking pictures to stand in line for food or sit to eat. The lines were LONG...

A prominent feature of the Zapp show this year is attire - Boho chic, gypsy soul, modern Americana, and vagabond vintage looks proliferate the cattle fields surrounding Zapp Hall. I can hardly believe that I bought as many items of clothing as I did junk! (Don't worry, Andrew - I bought a total of five things, junk and clothes.) The first three vendors are Texas-born and women-run.

Great displays at Stash.

Funky style at Rodeo Royalty Roadshow:

I heart anything with the 4-H clover! And this travel trailer made for an awesome fitting room.


I think they called this their 'gypsy wagon'! 

Great saying on the frame.

Brandi and her crew are incredibly talented...and stylish as well!

No trip to Zapp is complete without a visit to the Junk Gypsy tent!

Bird cage chandelier! 

I love the variety of decor that can be found in these fields - retro next to romantic. 

Industrial and innovative...
I first saw Happy Chair at the Country Living Fair in Austin - my chairs are still depressed. 

If you have a chance to make it to Warrenton, be sure to visit Zapp! But don't let this happen to you:

Have a chic week,


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  1. Sarah, nice summary of Zapp. My sis, Elaine and I made it there Monday and Tuesday. It was kind of nice to have it a bit quiet without the crowds so we could really enjoy the shopping and the displays. I can confirm that all those displays you've shown were awesome. I thought we might see you at Marburger, but I didn't know if you took off from teaching to attend. We made opening day and the displays were amazing.

  2. Thanks for sharin' Your Awesome pics, SARAH !!
    Aahhhhh . . . Warrenton !!

  3. I was there Friday too! And Monday....saw all but the Happy chair place! Enjoyed both trips!!! And ---came home with more than 5 things....


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