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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Marburger Farm's Tent A

The Marburger Farm Antique Show has come and gone for Spring 2013. This was my second trip to Marburger, and I navigated the farm quite a bit better this time. I will certainly be more prepared for my third show, as I have figured out which entrance to use, where to park, and which tents to visit first. 

It rained for most of my drive there, making the trip longer than usual. Since the forecast called for strong storms later in the day, I made a quick stop at HEB in Elgin to get a quality umbrella, as the crazy wind we had in a previous storm broke all the metal spokes in my old umbrella. Fortunately, it wasn't raining at Marburger! I parked in the same field I did last time, the one on the Round Top side, but I think the line was much shorter on the Warrenton side. I headed to the tents, ready to check in for my VIB (Very Important Blogger) swag bag and say hi to Theresa in Tent A. I wandered through Tent F, walked over to Tent E, up through Tent G, spotted Tent I, and wondered what kind of lettering this place used - nothing was in alphabetical order! Where was Tent A?!

I finally found Tent A and was excited to remember that this was one of my favorite places to shop last fall. This tent is full of talent! I will showcase my favorite vendors from Tent A in this post. 

First up, Theresa and her beautiful Garden Antqs Vintage space.    


Duck #1
Poultry are in - this is the first of seven members of the Anatidae family shown in this post!

Duck #2

Next up is the South Porch Antiques booth.
They come all the way from New York for this show twice a year!

I LOVE old umbrellas. These were in good shape, but no match for the storms that would hit later.

The more tattered, the better!

Wanna go fishing? Judy Hill's amazing space features an old wooden boat.

Duck, duck, GOOSE! Well, it's really a swan.
Sorry the angle doesn't show its beauty better. 

Duck #4

My shopping partner in crime, Karen - we had a blast hunting for treasures together!

Next to Judy's space are the ever-talented Linda and Ludmil of Willow Nest. Since they've moved to California, I miss seeing their impressive displays. 

There are two fowl in this picture. 

(This bird was already counted.)

Duck #7
Aww, isn't this one sweet? 

These roses smelled divine!

The final vendor I'll showcase is Sweet Pea Home from Winter Park, FL.
I don't remember seeing this vendor before, but I quickly fell in love; look at that chandelier - who knew you could marry industry and romance?

Though I don't like that framed taranchula one bit! I shudder at the sight. 

I am glad to say I never had to use my new umbrella while at the farm, but I would have been ready if it had rained - there was even a poncho in my Blogger Swag Bag! What a wonderful opportunity Marburger gives through the VIB program; I had a great time and came home with several new goodies. Check back soon for more Marburger posts of greatness outside of Tent A. 

Have a chic week,


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  1. Always so glad to see you! Hope you had a great time at Marburger Farm.

  2. So glad you were able to attend!!! Great opportunities and super cool displays abound!!!!!

  3. you took some lovely photos.. thanks for choosing us to showcase, along with those other great vendors... see you in the fall..

  4. Great summary post and beautiful pictures. I forgot to take my camera in. Anyway, I loved those tattered umbrellas so much at South Porch Antiques that I bought that black one.
    Can't wait until your next "chapter".

  5. It all looks so lovely! I'm sorry I missed the show this time.

  6. Beautiful displays - thanks for sharing because we couldn't make it out this year!

  7. Sarah, beautiful post! Im so glad you made it to the show and hope to see you in the fall!



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