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Monday, April 29, 2013

Fun in the Big Easy

I took a very quick trip to New Orleans this weekend. I have been there dozens of times for both work and play, but no jazz fest, trolley rides, or Bourbon Street for me this time; I was there to visit a very dear friend. She and her husband are welcoming their first baby this weekend. I'd like to be able to say I helped out, but I can only say that if 'helping' includes getting a culinary tour of some great establishments in their adorable neighborhood. They are definitely ready for Baby, so we enjoyed a few lazy days of shopping and dining out. I got such a different view of the city seeing it through the eyes of residents and staying in an old home. Even when I'm not searching for it, I managed to find some vintage charm!

This is their precious abode. Standard features on old homes in New Orleans are super high ceilings with near floor to ceiling windows. I loved how elegant all the window coverings look inside, and the molding around the windows provides a beautiful frame on the exterior.

This building is at the end of Aden and Dan's street, and the Mississippi River is on the other side on this building. Being from central Illinois, I loved that this building says "Illinois Central Railroad." This line goes from New Orleans to Chicago and passes by my hometown.
Old brick warehouses like this are all over and give character to the businesses.

I guarantee that grocery shopping would be more enjoyable if my store
looked like the store where Aden and Dan shop.

I love color, and this city's houses are bathed in bright shades! I stayed in a neighborhood just off Magazine Street and enjoyed the varying colors within one house and throughout the block. 

This house features four colors: eggplant, olive, lemon, banana, and papaya.
And the exposed brick is weathered perfection!

I couldn't pass up a stroll through an antique mall.

 Next door is a locksmith with antique hardware.

And somewhere near that is a store that sells funny things like these:
I know several people who would like these items. I'm not one of them.

These, however, I could go for. Probably should have bought a pair, but that's what socks are for, right?

Someone tapped into their creativity for this waterfall design.

Cute little vintage boutique. 

Aden and Dan also exposed me to a New Orleans tradition: snoballs. These delicacies are made of super-fine crushed ice and any combination of syrup flavors you desire.
While I was there, I had a raspberry, blueberry, and coffee cream snoball. Delicious and refreshing!

Even the Big Easy has blue balls.

Of course I was referring to jars.

Have a chic week,

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  1. Sarah,
    Happy to hear that your trip to the BIG EASY was so much fun. You were in the best area of the all the shopping in that area.


  2. Love their darling house - looks like you had a GREAT time!


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