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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Final France Post: Sights and Tastes of Annecy

This fourth and final post on our trip to France has been a work in progress for nearly two weeks now. I am sure you won't mind that I am going to take a break from lengthy details and just give you the visual tour of the beautiful French Alps town of Annecy. 


This place was so great that we dined here twice.

The adorable vintage Swiss mountain decor adorning the walls of my favorite restaurant.

My favorite meal in France - mixed greens with goat cheese toasts (and champagne).

I had a quiche for breakfast every day. 

Farmer's market

Aged cheeses

Beautiful cases of gelato

My favorite dessert, crepes - this one was filled with nutella and whipped cream. 

Endless counters of fine chocolates (we were just 30 minutes from Switzerland).

Even more chocolate - every item on the bottom was made of chocolate - even the tin and sardines. 

A lovely candy shop.

Meringues the size of a child's head.

The window says:
"It is beautiful."
"It is good."
"It is candy."

Words to live by. Thanks for the memories, France. I hope to see you again one day!

Have a chic week,


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  1. Sarah, the town is beautiful and your photography of it is amazing. I'm loving that motto in the Candy shop!!
    Thanks for sharing your trip.

  2. So beautiful! I hope I can go there some day. putting it on my "Bucket List."


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