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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Under the Big Top in Warrenton/Round Top

The circus has arrived in the fields of Warrenton. Hundreds of tents dot the rural landscape, many awaiting the unloading and staging of prized possessions, while others are already filled to the brim with treasures. Though the shows haven't officially started yet, yesterday I ventured to the fields with as much excitement as a kid going to see the lions, tigers, and bears.  


There was a sense of the calm before the storm: no traffic, no crowds, and no lines.
Even the weather was subdued and it was the most beautiful day I have experienced in the fields. But that anticipation of what's to come was there.  

My early viewing of the Fall 2013 show gave me a glimpse of this year's vintage decor trends. And while every show's arrival in town is analogous to that of a circus, this time the reference represents a theme as well; multiple vendors featured remnants from kiddie carnivals, fairs, and circuses.  

The featured tent for this preview is that of Melissa from Junk Star. Now an interior decorator with a space at Max's Haus Mercantile in New Braunfels, Melissa's eye for stylish flare is unmistakable and her talent is enviable. What is hardest to believe is that this is her first Warrenton show. Her vignettes are pure perfection and she makes junking look easy. 


Wish I would have kept my troll dolls. 

As a teacher, I love these stamps (sorry for the blurry picture); they say careless, fair, messy, very good, good, and neat. I love the concept, but think it is less efficient for me to stamp homework than it is to write on it. No longer is one word enough feedback for students either...

Boot book ends. Genius. 

More circus and carnival themed items were found in Hector the Collector's tent. For several years Hector has featured old kiddie ride cars, and this year I recognized the seats from the nausea-inducing Tilt-a-Whirl ride. 

Good thing this 'car' isn't still in service. I love rust, but not when my life depends on it. 

And what would a circus be without some creepy clowns? I think this guy is actually Ronald McDonald, but he looks more likely to traumatize children than entice them. This fear of Bozos actually has a name (coulrophobia), but it doesn't seem to be recognized anywhere but the internet. If you think you might suffer from coulrophobia, you can take an online test to assess the severity of your fear.  

More signage from Hector's.

If there is one thing I've learned in the world of junk, it is that multiples are magic!
That is why I will buy several of those troll dolls for my china cabinet instead of just one.

You never know what you will find at Antique Week. 

 Here is a random display of monkey bars with a giant stuffed monkey hanging on. Talk about creepy; is there a diagnosis for fear of this? But really, where did they find this (and, more importantly, why?!)?

The fun has just begun - this barren little piece of lawn at the entrance to Zapp Hall looks lonely now, but it will soon house one of the most well-known tents of all: the Junk Gypsies! 
Can't wait to see the tricks up their sleeves and those of all the other talented vendors.

Have a chic week!


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  1. Hi Sarah . . .
    Didn't get to go to Warrenton this Weekend . . . Rain & other commitments,
    But THANKS for the Pics !!
    Maybe Next Week !?!

    Joe & GLENN

  2. Great stuff! We hit Antique Alley yesterday and the weather was awesome!

  3. LOL, got that monkey one year for Christmas in the mid 60's. He had tennis shoes and a banana in one hand.


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