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Sunday, September 15, 2013

I wish my attic looked like this

I *finally* made it down to Aunt Maudie's Attic in Seguin a few weekends ago. I had been planning to go all summer, so I can't believe it was almost the three month anniversary of this treasure-packed place when I finally got there. But the wait was so worth it when I walked in to actually see the Joe and Glenn of Curious Boys! I had to do a bit of eavesdropping and lingering to make sure it was them, as they are admittedly mysterious without any pictures of them on their blog. That's the curiosity of their brand!

I felt star-struck and awkwardly asked Glenn if he is the one who writes the blog - he said that Joe did most of that. I turned around to see Joe and it was as if I was meeting an old friend! After a few years of following one another's junking adventures (to many of the same locations) via online blogs, it was great to finally meet face to face. 

Their business is booming in Seguin, which is ultimately the reason why I was able to see them; they said they are at the store sometimes five days a week restocking! I can absolutely see why. Joe and Glenn have three spaces in Aunt Maudie's Attic and each is filled with their signature style: rusty, crusty, and eclectic pieces that make you say, "Where did you find this?!" With all this selling, they have to do a lot of stocking, so I don't know how they make time for all the shopping!


There are many other very talented vendors in Aunt Maudie's Attic, including Betsy and Elaine of Sisters' Treasures. These lovely ladies were on vacation when I stopped by, so I didn't get to see them, but I did find several things I couldn't live without in their booth (and I am looking forward to seeing them in Warrenton!).

Yet another terrific vendor featured in the Attic is Beverly of Glory B's. She also had a couple of spaces, and each was filled with shabby chic paint-chipped beauties. 

I adore this cabinet and was sad to learn that it sold - to another vendor in the Attic!

With the back-to-school craziness somewhat behind me, I am looking forward to spending some quality weekend time doing some serious shopping in my kind of field of dreams: Warrenton/Round Top! 

Have a chic week,

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  1. SARAH . . . WOW !!
    You Captured The Attic Perfectly !
    I'm Sure We Speak for Everyone when We say . . .
    Maybe We'll Catch Up with You in Warrenton !

    BIG HUGS ,

  2. Yes, Sarah, I echo The "boys" thanks for sharing your adventure and pictures of The "attic"!! We appreciate you shopping with us and I'm looking forward to seeing you at Warrenton. Come check out our booth next to Royers!! You can't beat that for placement! lol

  3. I was so happy to see these pics because it's been on my list to go check out the Attic!


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