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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Zapp Hall and more Bar W

Dare I say it feels like fall in Austin?! It was almost chilly when I walked outside this morning. And it was even dreary - that is not a word that Austinites use to describe the weather from approximately April to the end of November. This is such a welcome yet unexpected change, and quite a difference from yesterday since it is a glorious 25 degrees cooler. 

I hadn't planned to go to Warrenton yesterday, but after realizing that the Rusted Gingham Barn Sale is less than 5 weeks away (make plans to get to Gonzales on November 1-2!), I figured I ought to head east and hit the fields again. As I sat in a long line of traffic in a town with a population of 90,  my car gauge read 99 degrees. It was hot and humid, and the lack of breeze was stifling. This was typical fall show weather and it certainly didn't deter the crowds from coming out. 

About an hour into my visit, the storm clouds rolled in and the crowds thinned out. My strategy to show up late and stay later was working to my advantage. I enjoyed strolling Zapp Hall visiting with my 'dealer' friends and I picked up a few treasures along the way. My first stop was of course Theresa's spot - I heard more than a few shoppers tell her they were so glad to see her back at her old stomping grounds! I concur and Garden Antqs Vintage looked awesome.   

In the tent next to her space, Weston Primitive Co. had eye-catching displays. 

I found Betsy from Sisters' Treasures right behind Royers Cafe. Talk about a perfect location! She had delicious food in front and live entertainment to the side. 

Wish I took more pictures of her space, especially since she had special merchandise from her friends and my fellow neighbor Lori from last year's barn sale, but I was too busy talking.

I loved this scene and thought it was unique to use old rat traps as decor. 

I was quick to notice those traps as we have a little rat problem in our garage.
Last week I nearly had a heart attack after setting off a trap while putting away my new junk.
I'm lucky I was wearing tennis shoes and not flip flops.
So far the only thing our traps have caught is my tennis shoe.

This tent typically features the eclectic style of the Junk Gypsies, but with the opening of their new store up the road, they made the tent into a Gypsy lounge complete with wine, sangria, and seating. Rumor has it that the winery is owned by Miranda Lambert's parents.  

I didn't sit and sample; I needed to get over to Bar W to check out Seed Box Antiques in their new location. This is how Brian and Meloney's space looked last Saturday:

And this was their space yesterday:

I got this picture after closing time - what a cool galvinized gazebo! 

I got some great things from Brian and his next door neighbor Tiffany from Flown the Coop. This was her space last week when the sun was shining. 

I am so glad to see both of these businesses in the fields of Bar W this year!

 The sky was ominous, but I had a party to get to - Theresa's blog party started at 6, and no storm was going to keep me away. 

The party was so great that even Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty showed up! I'm not kidding either. Theresa is a big fan and gave her a hug when she met her. Just a few hours earlier, Theresa told me that she had hoped to see Korie since she knew the women from the cast were around shopping. My favorite moment was getting to see Theresa meet her. I heard Theresa say, "I'm a big fan of yours!" 

Funny, I can remember saying those same words to Theresa in the same spot at Zapp Hall about 2 and a half years ago. And you know what she told me? "You should start a blog. I will follow you!" And here I am, two years later, writing a blog post, calling that wonderful lady (who was a celebrity to me) a friend, and hanging out with her at her blog party. Many thanks to Theresa for her support, inspiration, and friendship over the past two years! And her dynamite queso yesterday. 

Have a chic week!


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  1. Wow! Those are fantastic! What intrigued me most is the gazebo! I badly want that! I should have gone there. Anyway can you postdate of their upcoming barn sale if there's any? Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Sarah, you were so sweet to always feature my booth and it was the highlight of my show...yes to meet Korie but more importantly to see you and get to visit with you. Thank you for coming to the Blog Party and the goodies you brought. You are always such a delight to be around. Hope to see you in Austin on the 19th! Thanks again friend.

  3. Sarah, thank you for stopping by our booth and mentioning us in your blog. I'm sorry I didn't get to visit with you very much but I was glad you got to visit with Lori.


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