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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Exploring Amish Country

Last Saturday, my mom, sister, and I decided to take a trip back in time by visiting shops in and around Arthur, IL. My mom and I drove to my sister Mary's house in Champaign to pick her up, and I saw this fun old Funk Seed sign in her living room; she bought it last year with me at the Third Sunday Market. It looks great in her house (btw, Mary, is the price tag still on it at the top?) and made me realize I wanted a piece of what is now history. Both Mary and I, and several of our friends, started earning money and contributing to Social Security at a young age by detasseling endless fields of corn in the summer. We actually worked for Rachel's family, who are a part of the Funk family, and worked fields in and around Funk's Grove. So the Funk emblem has a very personal and local connection to me. I was hoping I could find a piece of funky history in our travels that day.

First stop was the Antique & Curiosity Ship in Sadorus, IL. I had never even heard of this little 'village' - other than a huge grain elevator and this sweet little shop, I don't think there was much to this place. But the shop was definitely worth the stop. Mary found some linens and a vintage toaster, while I bought (even more) blue glass Mason jars. I just can't help myself! 


We kept on driving toward Arthur - why Arthur? The main reason is because I wanted to visit The Homestead Bakery in person, after getting to meet them and discover the deliciousness that is pumpkin cookies and rhubarb nut bread at the Country Living Fair in Austin. But I also love that this is an Amish community, and the simple way of life is very much a part of this quaint little town. 

You can see horses and buggies everywhere, especially on a Saturday afternoon when everyone is out running errands. I am truly fascinated by this culture and have always loved visiting. 

Arthur's town slogan is "Arthur - where you are a stranger only once!"
Couldn't be more true. 

I absolutely adore a great farm scene with old barns. I kept asking my mom to stop so I could get pictures, but if I did that for every awesome barn we saw, we would have never made it - there were so many! Here are a few that I could snap a shot of at intersections. 

And finally, we arrive at The Homestead Bakery. I was so excited to be there! I would have driven another hour just to get some of their goods. 

They had lots of fruit flavored angel food cakes. Those might be too healthy for me...

Mouthwatering breads and rolls - they were nearly cleared out of my favorite, the rhubarb nut bread.

Now this (frosting) is more my style! Pumpkin cookies - heavenly!

We left with two bags of pumpkin cookies, a loaf of rhubarb nut bread, chocolate cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and some salsa. Had to take a cookie break in the rocking chairs out front before we headed back into town to shop. 

Back in Arthur, we spent a lot of time exploring Yoder's Lamp Shop and Antiques 

There are a few collectibles I see more of in IL than most other places, and I love all three:

1. Old crocks

2. Canning jars

3. Feed Sacks

Shout out to my friend Holly! 

I bought the sack in the middle, but was debating for a bit as I love the one on the right as well. Turns out that same pattern is on the back of the one in the middle! I might attempt to make a pillow out of this awesome piece of Funk-y history.  

Have a great Sunday!
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