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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Third Sunday Market & a Country Garage Sale

I have so many fun posts to share! I am trying to wrap up posts about my trip to IL, so I will write about a fun market, a random garage sale in the country, and my favorite scenery in this post. Be sure to check back often over the week as I will have a recap of my time at the Dallas Market (my first 'trade' show experience) and a great story from a trip to Brenham and Round Top yesterday. Lots of great eye candy to follow!

When I was in my hometown last week, my mom and I drove past a neighbor's house on the way home and she was having a garage sale! Now this isn't that common in the country - it is hard to attract customers when you are the only house for miles having a sale. And when I say 'neighbor,' I mean we lived within a few miles of one another. We didn't stop, but then I decided I would take a little afternoon run and drop by to see if there was anything good. I almost took some cash with me, but then thought that I would have to go back and pick up whatever I bought anyway, so I didn't bother. Well, I should have taken the cash as I could have bought this bike and rode it home! 

I walk up the lane to the house; the lady comments that I most definitely was the only shopper who walked to her garage sale! I actually didn't think too much about this bike that day, but I did find a $3 end table (the one right next to the bike) that I wanted to go back and get. I went back and came home with both the table and the bike. This bike is a gift for my parents and I will enjoy riding it when I am home again. I'm not packing my car around a bike again!

This bike is a beauty!

The next day was the Third Sunday Market at the McLean County Fairgrounds in Bloomington, IL. I was so excited that I woke up extra early and we were in line by 7:59. The line was super long, but as soon as they started letting people in, it moved so quickly! They must have already collected money for the front half of the line? Whatever the case was, these ticket takers were super efficient! 

There are about 6 barns chuck full of goods, plus outside vendors as well. Last year I found a car load; this year, not so much...but it is still a great show and I recommend it to anyone in the Central Illinois area. I wanted to plan my trip around one of the shows and wrote the contact/organizer back in the winter to find out the dates...duh, it is the THIRD SUNDAY of the warm weather months. They don't call me 'blonde Sarah' for nothing!

Curious Boys, I thought of you when I saw this!!!!

I just adore sweet succulents planted in this rusty old chair! 

I really want to give a shout out to these people and took their card, but I have since misplaced it. However, Google is amazing. I just googled 'air plants and Third Sunday Market' and found them! You can visit Acorn Markets here. They have great displays of air plants (or Tillandsia for all you botanists!). How cool that these plants grow without soil. 

Could you imagine packing and unpacking all these salt-and-pepper shaker pairs for shows? I hope the vendor sold them all so they didn't have to repack them


I should have bought that black tool caddy - it was only $25!
It looks great displayed on the table with dishes.

What a great idea for a cabinet whose doors are missing or damaged.
Love the curtains and need to do that for a cabinet I just got. 

An amazing farmhouse table.

And now for some of my favorite scenery in IL - this includes both people and places! I had a wonderful trip and though I didn't get to see all my loved ones, I had a great time with those I did see.  I got to spend time with much of my extended family and my best friends, plus their families. Their babies are my nieces and nephews!

My connection to detasseling and antiquing partner, Rachel!

 Her sweet daughter Mya; a girl after my own heart - eating frosting straight from the jar!

Hanging out in the sunshine!

Luke the Duke, who just turned 1.

A lovely dinner out with Heather, my running partner! 

Adrian and Brody with their beautiful Mommy and sweet puppy Chief.

 An amazing picture that my sister took - on her phone!

The next set of pictures were taken on my evening run jog.

Cornfields as far as the eye can see. 

These pictures all reflect the beautiful efforts of my mom's landscaping and gardening. She is a master!
This squirrel is a contortionist for bird seed.  

She has quite the crop of day lilies.

 Minnie and Lola saying hello.

 The Great Pyrenees and flock protector, Zoey. She is on break during the day.

 My sweet cousin Maggie.

The reason for my early mornings. Thank you, sir!

Hope you are staying cool wherever you are!

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  1. I'm simply blue with envy for the vintage Schwinn!

    1. I'll look for one down here for you- it is certainly fun to ride!

  2. Hi Sarah ! . . . Thanks for sharing the Gorgeous Pics !! So you spend your vacations JUNKIN' too, huhhhh !?! Another thing we have in common ! TAKE CARE, JOE & GLENN

    1. Hey Joe and Glenn! I am spending my entire summer junking! Being out of school for the summer is dangerous for the budget, yet so much fun! I think I am heading your way today! Have a great one.

  3. Now I want chickens AND miniature donkeys! ...Is that what Lola and Minnie are?

    1. I would love to hear what your future neighbors have to say about this! As long as you don't get a rooster, the chickens should be fine, but donkeys make a horrific screaming noise that would wake the entire neighborhood! Yes, they are miniatures and super long as they are quiet!


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