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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A few weeks behind

May was absolutely crazy! Between 3 weddings and lots of school functions, there wasn't much time to do any antiquing...but I did squeeze in a trip to Llano one day a few weeks back. I never got a chance to publish the pictures of some of my favorite spots, so here they are.

My first stop was to a place that is probably an eye sore to locals, but all the junk in front signifies its potential for great finds. I hit this 'store' probably ever other visit, as the merchandise doesn't turn over all that quickly. The first time I visited, I have to admit I was a bit afraid - outside, I was thinking about how I might get tetanus if I cut myself on the maze of old junk, and when I opened the door to go inside, I was quickly met by a ferocious looking doberman pincher. Ok, so he was miniature, but he was growling and looked mean. Turns out he couldn't harm a fly and was a sweet old dog just looking out for his owner.

I have found some great rusty carts and scales here, but I left empty-handed this last time.

I headed on to Llano and hit my favorite shops, Binky La Faye and Whimsey's. Both of these stores are amazing in that each booth is so creatively designed and the stores are filled with awe-inspiring vignettes. It is obvious that the owners seek out talent in vendors, not just people who can pay the rent and throw old stuff in a space.

Even the covered walkway to the stores has displays filled with treasures.

Sorry for the glare, but you can see a great old bicycle hanging in the reflection!

Do you see the pair of little skunks? These pepe' le pews came home with me!

The following are pictures from Binky's:


And now to Whimsey's:

At first I thought those bottles still have the thrift store or garage sale tags on them - but then I saw there was a clearance sale, and those jugs were a quarter each! They also came home with me. What a deal!

It was a great trip and I came back with lots of goodies! I made a point to focus on buying more smalls, since that is what is driving my sales right now - back in the winter I couldn't keep a display piece, and now I can't seem to sell one! But I can't complain as I am selling lots of little things - skeleton keys, glass bottles, flashcards, tarnished dishes, old springs, any small box/organizer. During the first two weeks of May, the ONLY items I sold were the skeleton keys and glass bottles!

I took some time on Memorial Day to rearrange and bring in lots of new pieces. Here are a few (rather blurry, sorry!) pictures of my space at the Austin Antique Mall:

I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend. Mine was both relaxing and productive - I am so proud of myself for finally getting all my laundry hung, folded, and put away from the last month. Though the month of May was crazy, it was filled with lots of fun times - the laundry could wait. But now, bring on the slower pace of the summer!

Have a chic week,


  1. You did a nice job setting up this website. Lorraine

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  3. I love Llano, but don't go as often as I would like. Love those little shops by the river, but knew that there had to be some more places to go! :) Happy shopping, love the photos!


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