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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Barn Chic at the Barn Sale

This time last week, I was frantically wrapping breakables in newspaper, writing price tags, and digging out vintage Christmas decor to take to the 2013 Rusted Gingham Barn Sale. It is hard to believe it is all over, and I'm a bit sad that the show has come and gone! It was as thrilling this year as it was last year, but with a lot less anxiety.  

Except at this moment.

I was actually more prepared last year for my very first show because I staged most everything in my garage the week before. I attempted to do that this year, but nearly half of my show inventory was en route from Illinois. My wonderful parents once again made the road trip down to Gonzales from Illinois with all the goods I bought just two weeks earlier on a quick trip home. So after we unloaded the U-Haul, my vehicle, and their mini-van, I stood there staring at a heap of junk. 

A few hours later [well, 6.5], the items were placed and most were priced (or at least I thought they were, but of course the shoppers quickly find the ones that aren't!). 

It was really warm on Friday again this year, and the 5:00pm sun was shining brightly into the barn at the opening of the sale. 
The typing cart, metal drawers, baskets, and silver trees all sold. 

This is one of the few pictures of this vignette I got before most of it sold - within thirty minutes I sold four pieces of furniture, which was a pleasant surprise because I didn't sell one large item last year! At last year's Barn Sale, I did well just selling small items, but this year's sales were dominated by bigger items.
That is definitely preferable and it means I get to go shopping for more soon!

 It still feels weird to feature snowflakes and ice skates when it is 85 degrees. 

I don't know much about photography, but I do know that the pictures looked a whole lot better once the sun went down. 

This bed frame came home with me and I might have to find a place for it in my home...


Andrew is pretty good at taking pictures so I asked him to take a few. This is what he takes.
I was paparazzi for my own booth.

I took over a hundred pictures, and this is one of my favorites.
These sweet young girls were shopping after hours, enjoying pieces of the past.

This is my other favorite picture. Words can't express my gratitude for this beautiful lady. She did so much behind the scenes for this show, from collecting feathers and branches and bending barb wire into wreaths to neatly packing my Midwestern purchases and driving them 1,000 miles to the show with my dad.  Thank you for inspiring and supporting my love for junk, Mom (and Dad)!

And thank you to Suzanne and her crew for making this year's Barn Sale so successful; thank you to the new and repeat lovers of junk who came out to the barn, and thank you to the all the other vendors for making this show fun and worth the drive for the shoppers. I had a great time and left with new friends, fond memories, less inventory, and a few 'new' pieces of junk. Is it possible for a vendor to sell at a show and not also be a shopper? Not at the Barn Sale!

Have a chic rest of the week,

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  1. It was great meeting you at the barn sale! Hope to see you next year:-)

  2. Great pictures, Sarah. I love the one of you and your mom. She was so sweet (how nice of her and your dad to come help and bring your "goods". Your space looked wonderful but I think I missed some of those great pieces because they sold so quickly (which is a GOOD thing). lol I know what you mean about it going so fast but it was fun and it's always a blast to see and visit with you. Betsy

  3. Looks fabulous! I am so proud of the business you have grown! You are amazing! (Totally adorbs outfits too! ;-))

  4. Congrats on a great sale Sarah! Your space looked awesome!

  5. Sarah, so glad to see you yesterday and glad to hear you had a great show. What a sweet mom you have too.


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