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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Barn Sale: Rusted Gingham & Lucky 1300

The ambiance at the Barn Sale set the stage for a grand shopping event last weekend. Suzanne of Rusted Gingham thinks of every little detail to transform a standard show barn into the perfect setting for treasure hunting. It is no surprise that this sale is listed as one of the country's finest in Flea Market Style.  

The 'barn sale' banners were old feed sacks - genius! 

This 'Howdy' sign greeted shoppers as they entered the barn. 

The burlap curtain entryway was a chic touch - barn chic!

All vendors and shoppers could pinpoint their home on this Texas map. There were lots of pins outside of the state, so I guess that means there were many out of state shoppers and vendors?!

Suzanne's booth welcomed shoppers with more curtains and handcrafted signs.

This old vehicle is the signature image for the barn sale.

These great feed sacks were for sale in Suzanne's shop.
I have a small collection in my garage and wish I added these to it.

Love the western charm of these blanket bags.

My space was across the aisle from Suzanne and next door to Kate and crew from Lucky 1300. I was surrounded by talent and vintage goodness! 

Kate has this whole show thing down to a science; we pulled up at 10:30 to unload, and her space was already staged and brimming with color. This picture was taken Friday evening after half her inventory sold, and her space still looks great! Great idea with the cowboy hats and vintage letters strung on a clothesline. 

Her style has a definite southwestern/Mexican flair and I love how consistent her taste is.
Every piece was a complement to the next. 

This little Charlie Brown Christmas tree is adorable and so fitting for a South Texas tree!

Kate is so skilled in show business that she is now co-hosting a new sale, Vintage in Verdi, next month. The show will be just outside of Pleasanton, TX, which is about 30 miles south of San Antonio. After talking more with Kate, she convinced me to try it! So Barn Chic Antiques will be hitting the road again next month; this time it will be a one-woman show. That means a much smaller scale for both inventory and presentation, but it is equally as exciting. If you are in South/Central Texas and want a great place to shop small (businesses) for holiday gifts, come to the Verdi Community Center on Saturday, December 7 from 9-4. Lots of the Barn Sale vendors, including Suzanne, will be there. Will you?!

Have a chic week,

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  1. What a nice tribute to Suzanne. She did do an awesome job (her and her helpers). I'm glad you captured a lot of pictures because as I said before I neglected to take even one! Way to go on doing the Vintage in Verdi show. Elaine and I have two shows at Trade Days this month so I think we'd be too exhausted to be vendors but hopefully we can be shoppers. Take care. Betsy


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